San Diego Humane Society


Agency: Variant

Location: San Diego, California

Runtime: 6:28

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“We want to change the world for animals.”

We were sitting in a conference room in the San Diego Humane Society. We had flown in earlier that day, had taken a tour of the main campus and had settled in to pitch for an upcoming major campaign. I am sure one of us asked something provocative like “what goals do you have for this video?” and Brian Daugherty, the Senior Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer, responded with a modest goal of “We want to change the world for animals.”

Sometimes you just hit it off with people. We weren’t in San Diego for modest goals. We were sitting in a room together as animal people and we were ready to change the world together. San Diego Humane Society is changing the world for animals. They are one of the premier Humane Societies in the world. They are innovative, compassionate and leading the way in animal welfare. We are proud of the work we have done with them and proud of the friendships we have formed.

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