2020 Prism Awards

Location: Bellingham, WA + San Francisco

Runtime: 0:50

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Every year, as we being creative for the Prism Awards, we challenge ourselves to make something better (and cooler) than the year before. We set out with a few rules. This year shallow depth of filed and bokeh. To achieve this look we used the probe lens to move through each set piece.

We play with light, smoke and texture. We threw things, broke other things, made mistakes, and solved a lot of problems. It was hard, it was fun and in the end it turned out great!

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We’re going for the emotions. Joy, sorrow, laughter, love - we want it all. And we want to work with people that understand that language. Partners who will challenge us to be better and push us to grow, so when we share it with the world, we've made something that matters.