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On the our journey. A bit a tough week for us. We found out we were NOT getting a really great opportunity to make the trailer films for Seattle International Film festival after we put a lot of time and energy into trying to get the job including making pre-vizs, spending hours working over approach and budget, etc. In the end, the client/agency simply didn’t feel that we had the graphic design chops to pull the project off. We had to agree that we didn’t have the exact type of work to show that they were looking to make, and we understood it was a big risk for them to go with us. Oh well, that’s why were doing spec work this year. Add it to the pile!

At the very least we were very honored to be approached for this type of work as it is EXACTLY the type we want to create. However, it does point to the fact that is true for any creators that are looking to get hired: it’s very hard work to get hired for a type of work you’ve not actually created before, so, you’ve probably got to go and prove that type of work out the first time for free. We can get 100x over for creating beautiful talking head and b-roll, but we want more.

On that note, our Beeringham Musical script is done and we’ve sent it to the client for review. We have a feeling they’ll freak, but they’re getting it so cheap, hopefully we’ll get them to stay on board with us. More to come!

And now for info from our weekly meeting…

This week director of photography Cameron Currier shared with us the work of Stink Studio a very large production house/agency (see their long roster of directors) with some very enviable work under their belt.

You can check ’em out on vimeo here.

Yep, that did this little sweetie with Matthew McConaughey. There was a lot of discussion about what we liked and didn’t about this, but ultimately, we felt Stink got the “feels” just right here. By capturing the essence of McConaughey’s laconic, droll humor and stylings they made us feel like, “wait a minute, a Lincoln might be just the thing I need.” The ad was very simply shot, nearly abiding by our “One Room” rules and just primarily relied on some incredible talent to pull off an exceedingly captivating spot.

But for one from the “I never saw that one before” file, check out:

I mean this thing is just the absolute best. Not a word in it and you get the exact understanding of what “human touch” means – and it’s completely unforgettable. Amazing!

And another few he shared…

Leica – 100
Ikea – Bedrooms
Harvey Nichols – Same Dress
But the coolest thing Cameron shared with us was an incredible podcast that ALL of your aspiring DPs and directors should be checking out…
It’s called the Wandering DP podcast and you can check it right here:
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