Two Most Effective Super Bowl Spots? The Emotional Ones…

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This post concludes our Super Bowl week of ad reviews. Hope you enjoyed!

This just in from Adweek: Unruly shared its numbers on the most effective Super Bowl ads. Well, we already beat them to the bunch with the Microsoft one that I covered on Monday. The other one is one we’ve been talking about in my family all week, too (sorry, my kids really love commercials, go figure) it’s the Google translator ad above.

According to Unruly who unveiled its list of the “most effective” ads based on its EQ score data made up of survey results from asking 500 viewers per ad what they felt an “intense” response to, Microsoft and Google topped the list. The EQ score is derived from “composite metrics comprised of emotional impact, authenticity and purchase intent.” Damn – if that’s not what all ads should try to achieve, I honestly don’t know it is!

Microsoft had the highest score with 7.5 for “We All Win”, but Google wasn’t far behind with 6.7 for “100 Billion Words”. Top emotional responses were warmth, happiness, and inspiration.

At our house, we watched the ad a couple of times, mostly because my wife was in the kitchen when it played and we all agreed in the other room that it was pretty good. I thought it was a bit schmaltzy (not to be confused with emotional!), and perhaps untrue (really? really “I love you” is one of the three most translated word sets? Who is saying I love you to someone in Czech at the grocery store?) But, my wife thought it was great, and according to further numbers from Unruly that’s what this Bowl advertising was all about: women. So, nailed it!

As far as production. Again, it was docu-style, and fairly “organic” at that. Not one steady shot in the whole thing, even the tvs showed raster lines (remember how hard we used to work to get rid of those!), and I’m pretty sure there was little to no lighting throughout the whole thing. Still, the shots are beautifully, and purposefully composed, many made to look like they’re from a cellphone (and maybe they were), but they all convey togetherness and warmth. The VO is silky smooth and slightly accented to give an air of internationality, and the music has an accordion in there to make you think of Parisian love from the beginning. Maybe it was the accordion that put me over the edge…

Point of it all is, emotions win out again. If you’re not putting emotions in your video production work, what are you wasting your time and money doing? Put some emotion in with a Hand Crank production today and who knows, maybe the results will be so great, next year we’ll make a Super Bowl spot together.

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