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A big theme for our creative team here at Hand Crank is being able to work with a client at every step of our their journey. The above film, one of the ones we’re most proud of from 2018, directed by Julien Scherliss, was a bit of a stretch for one of our favorite clients, electronics maker, Firstech. Firstech has worked with us for a few years now. They started with a fairly straightforward product film for their Momento device. You can watch that here. 

What makes this straightforward? Well, you’ll note that there’s really not much of a storyline, just important information about the product shot in a very high-quality way on our Sony FS7 and A7 cameras. We added in a bit of stock for good measure, and to “open” the piece up a bit, but by and large it was a simple day shoot. 

Next we went a different route, and created a series of the ever-popular product demo videos. The man showing the products is an actor. These were shot in a nearby garage for added effect. They were all produced in a single day of shooting. These are very efficient, and very useful (these have gotten more hits than any of Firstech’s product videos) videos that do a great job of telling a potential buyer exactly what they might be getting. 

But then, Justin from Firstech wanted to do more. He wanted a very high level film, with feeling, to showcase the latest release of their flagship product, the Drone. Together, we came up with a storyline about a family with a very special trip in mind, and we wanted to showcase how the Drone remote starter and tracking unit helped this family along their journey.  That’s the film at the top. It was a big, two day shoot, with a fair number of locations, late nights, and interesting tricks. Did you know, for instance, that the night driving shots were shot in my garage with moving Christmas lights and green screen? It was shot on RED with anamorphic lenses for that big-budget, Hollywood look. Pretty awesome stuff from Julien and cinematographer Chris Koser. The video just launched, and we’ll be launching a social campaign for Firstech shortly. 

And just to round it out, Justin had us make a very straightforward “About Us” video for his company Christmas party. You’ll have to wait to see that one until this Friday’s party – if you’re invited!!

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