Why the Journey is Important

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You’ve heard Max talk about our journey as we move towards bigger ideas and better work. Crossing this chasm has been a two step forward, one step back proposition.

It’s been a navigation full of high-seas, rocky shoals, and compasses that don’t always work. We’ve stumbled where we should have stood up straight, gone down some dark alleys, and bumped our heads against many a low bridge.

In Jim Collins’ classic book Good to Great, he talks about the foundational ideas that great companies have used to make this successful transition. And one of  those ideas is based on what he calls the ‘Hedgehog Concept’, the intersection of what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and what you can succeed in.

In Collins’ analysis, the ‘good to great’ companies resemble hedgehogs: they understand  “one big thing” and stick to it.  The companies that don’t quite cut it are more like foxes: they know many things but lack consistency.

Circle One: We’re passionate about helping people tell better stories, stories that emotionally connect with audiences that move the needle around better business.

Circle Two: Being the best in the world is a high mark, but we believe we can at least get in the zip code. Often, our biggest obstacle is our own lack of vision.

Circle Three:  If we are good enough (and manage resources wisely), maybe we can last another 13 years and reach the next level. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

But there’s a lot of work to do around that. We have to continually focus on providing better value to the people we work with, and we’ve got some answers to that we’ll be rolling out shortly.  But the BIG QUESTION, the same one posed to Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade, needs to be kept front and center:

It’s time to ask yourself, what do you believe?

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We’re going for the emotions. Joy, sorrow, laughter, love - we want it all. And we want to work with people that understand that language. Partners who will challenge us to be better and push us to grow, so when we share it with the world, we've made something that matters.