Hitting the Humor Button with Capital One

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Humor is probably the toughest of the emotions to pull off successfully, but when you do, it’s grand.

Capital One’s in-house creative team had come up with a very funny concept to introduce their new chatbot to the world that included different in-home, responsive technologies competing with each other for importance in the kitchen. It was a great idea, but a bit of a trick to pull off.

The “not Alexa” unit, the “not Nest” unit, and the “not Roomba” unit all had to be physically fabricated from scratch – our fearless production team took care of that. Furthermore, they each needed their own personalities worked out so that they all stood out clearly as nemesis’ to our hero chatbot, “Eno”. Director Julien Scherliss worked with Chris Koser and the Cap One team to flesh out the right voices, visuals, and motorized gags to give each character the right dimension.

This is where I have to really give the Capital One team credit – they understood that to make the humor work, you’ve got to setup good conflict. Right from the beginning their writers worked to find jokes that were right on the edge of “ok” to make our bad guys seem lame and tasteless, and our good guy all that much better.

Hope you enjoy the spot as much as we did making it. For us, being able to take humor to the next level with all of these technical gags, and a great script from the client, was just one rung further up the ladder towards becoming a creative powerhouse partner!

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