Fear is Overcome and Ugly Babies Come Alive

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So, today’s meeting opened with D. talking about fear and how it holds us back from our creative potential. He had us all watch this video:

Pretty amazing video about the musician Amanda Palmer before she got famous and how she overcame her fear of asking others to help her get where she needed to get. Here are some other fears D. covered:

Breaking down the walls of #resistance.
Knocking on more doors; asking more of each other and others (projects large and small, inside and outside work)
Building our Fan base through gratitude
Approach 2018 with more joy and quality
And, of course, getting naked.

On top of this, he handed out this book for reading over our Christmas break (thanks D.)- Do the Work.

It’s a basically a book about getting past “resistance” – primarily internal resistance, that keeps us from getting done what we want to get done.

Okay, so yes, this was sort of similar to the topic that Jim talked about which was how saying “we don’t have enough time” is our problem.

So, at this point it felt like we’d pretty much covered the ground of why we don’t get things done pretty well, and it was time to start DOING something.

Enter the first UGLY BABIES.

If you don’t know what ugly babies are, please see this previous post where I talk about it.

So, here’s the deal, we were recently hired by Bellingham’s local tourism board to create some work that showcases the town’s burgeoning local beer scene as a way to entice visitors from Seattle and Vancouver to come visit, and stay the night. We thought it would be fun to really blow it out of the water with this work so we opened it up to the ugly baby format to see what our directors might come up with.

The first person to give birth was Cameron. He actually put together an entire video using stock footage and some rudimentary animation. It was amazing. He talked it through from start to finish, but it was basically a video map of our town and the camera going from beer hall to beer hall as we followed along – see below –

Pretty amazing, right? I mean doesn’t look like much but you totally get the idea. And I love how he just ripped off stock footage, some of our stuff we’d shot around town this year, and this crazy little map. I mean it’s all there. We started riffing on how it could be interactive, how it could be used as a guide to lead people around – all kinds of cool shit.

Next was AJ who presented his idea in a script that basically took the typical fancy, beautiful tourism idea that a pretty town like B’ham might use and turned it on it’s head. Take a read…

The soul of Whatcom County

So it starts as this beautiful film about the hills, the mountains…but in the end, it all comes down to the beer! Fantastic. Again, I like that AJ just took to pen and paper to get the start of his idea down.

Next is D. who presented a modification on an idea he’s been working on for awhile which is sort of a visual play on the beer scene growing in B’ham, and also a play on B’ham being a great escape from Seattle. Hard for me to remember the specifics of what he was thinking, but there was a lot of this type of stop motion like from the example he created last year.

He mentioned doing something like this but adding in cranes and construction gear doing the actual building of the beer with a tagline referencing that while Seattle is just building, B’ham is building a culture. Pretty amazing stuff, and great for digital campaigns.

Then there was Jim who just presented orally. His idea was as if Bellingham were one of those lost towns found by explorers as seen in like a National Geographic documentary. I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact specifics, but it was pretty hilarious and would be an excellent and memorable meme/video to run with.

Julien then presented his idea which was amazing. You can see it in his boards below. Basically a buddy comedy about a guy who mistakes a man for a woman at a B’ham bar and the two wind up becoming best buds and the dude has his best weekend ever visiting B’ham. Check the boards. Brilliant, fun – I want to make this!

Finally, I presented a riff on the Best Friend’s Wedding “Say a Little Prayer” sing along where a Seattle couple comes into a bar and wind up in a wild sing along. All I brought was the Best Friends Wedding video – see below.

And these lyrics that I basically made up at the meeting…This would be a fun idea, and a lot of work.

We decided we’d all keep developing our ideas and pitch them to the client the first week of January and see what sticks for them and go with that.

Phew – can you believe all those ideas are already percolating. I feel like the Ferrari is about to come unleashed. Stay tuned to see what comes next.


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