Emotions and Authenticity Play Strong in Microsoft We All Win

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This week, we’re going to follow up the Super Bowl with some thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl ads. The culmination of all this talk will be Chris Donaldson speaking on a panel in Seattle on Thursday for Chalk Talk with American Federation. Come if you can!

Okay, so no doubt the ads and the game were nothing too stellar last night. Do they herald the end of advertising on TV as we know it? Probably not. There were some very strong standouts.

First up for us is the above ad from Microsoft regarding their new adaptive controllers. The technology company’s commercial follows the inspiring story of passionate, young gamers with limited mobility rising to the top of their games with help from their family, friends, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

“You give them the adaptive controller and within minutes they’re lit up and excited and doing things they couldn’t do before or couldn’t do as easily,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president for brand, advertising and research Kathleen Hall recently told USA Today.

The spot is nothing too special from a production point of view. Simple docu-style directing and editing – even clips from cellphone video – carry the spot. It shows what can be done when emotion trumps insanely high production value. A great story, with an amazing product, and very real people of diverse backgrounds speaking on its behalf cannot be beat. The real winner here is Microsoft who comes off as inclusive, caring, and in-touch with the power of their product. Many of us were left saying, wow, there is finally a GOOD thing about video games!

Good work we say to our Seattle compatriots!!

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