Delilah Rebuilds with an HCF Electronic Press kit

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Emotion: Rejuvenation

Sometimes, our creative journey is just about putting all of our creative energies and abilities into helping someone get back on their feet again.

Over a year ago, major radio personality Delilah suffered a major personal tragedy when her son suddenly took his life. It took a long time before Delilah was ready to be in the public eye again but now she’s ready to take that step.

As part of getting back out to her public, Delilah launched a promotional tour for her new book, “One Heart at a Time”. In coordination with Premiere Networks and iHeart Radio, Hand Crank Films was asked to visit her at her farm outside of Seattle and capture two days worth of footage and interviews which would then be shared to all of the major news agencies.

Electronic Press Kits, or EPKs are they’re known, are terrific vehicles for promotion. They provide all of the raw material for news organizations to put together their own stories. The trick is having great footage. The better the footage the more likely it is to headline. Doesn’t hurt to have a very well known star involved, either.

The Delilah EPK has been a major success for Delilah and iHeart, airing during primetime news cycles on The Today Show, CNN, and all of the major online news sources. The Today Show was particularly exuberant about the footage saying it was some of the best they’d seen.

We’ve always been huge fans of Delilah so it was fantastic for us to be a part of helping her to rebuild after such a terrible event. Making beautiful people even more beautiful and sharing it with the world is a great honor.

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