Audi Super Bowl Ad with Epic Twist – “Cashew”

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This week, we’re going to follow up the Super Bowl with some thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl ads. The culmination of all this talk will be Chris Donaldson speaking on a panel in Seattle on Thursday for Chalk Talk with American Federation. Come if you can!

I knew it had to be a good ad when the kids called from the other room whilst I was preparing the ceremonial nachos, “Dad, you gotta get in here and see this one – it’s hilarious!” And sure enough, this one gets my coveted, Numero Uno!

Microsoft’s docs-style inclusivity pitch was good and all, but what Super Bowl really needs is epic. And, if we can get epic with a humorous twist at the end, well that’s just cheese and guac on top.

In this spot a man is seen apparently in heaven where his deep desire to see Audis that are electric is satisfied. Sadly, just as he’s sitting in the driver’s seat, he comes to find out that he’s on the receiving end of the Heimlich and zapped back into his office space reality. The upshot: he’d rather be dead and having an electric Audi experience.

The pain for all of us was finding out we’ve got to wait until 2025 to get that beauty. Since when did they start advertising for things 6 years in advance?

Anyhow, the spot is an homage to all the old, fun, and beautifully lensed Super Bowl spots that got us all into this business in the first place. Thanks Audi for showing us it can still be done.

One thing’s for sure, with spots at the bowl costing upwards of $5M, and that’s not including the cost of producing this baby (anyone want to guess on THAT budget?), Audi is SERIOUS about this electric game. Good to see.

Note: This ad actually showed up a few days BEFORE the game. Why would anyone do that??

Some people have called out the ad for not showing features. This is ridiculous. As we’ve said a million times it’s about emotion and how excited we all are about this future. Do you feel that way, or is it just me and my kids?

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